Six new records at Ultra Throws August festival

The super weight throw

The super weight throw

Ultra Throw held their third throwing festival for 2017 on Sunday, August 13 at South Surrey Athletic Park in Surrey, BC. 

Twenty-one participants competed overall in their respective sports including shot put, discus, hammer, javelin, weight, super weight, and ultra weight pentathalon.

Congratulations to all the competitors, especially six members of Ultra Throws who achieved new records.

They are:

Scot Henney (M90 - 94) (previous record in brackets)
Shot Put- 6.70m    (6.63m)
Hammer - 17.46m   (17.29m)
Weight Throw - 8.86m   (7.89m)

Bernie Juert (W50 - 54)
Discus - 25.37m   (24.12m)

Celina Wong (W55 - 59)
Hammer - 31.83m   (29.29m)
Weight Throw - 8.83m   (8.60m)

Gabriella Moro (W70 - 74)
Shot Put - 7.66m   (7.56m)

Andrew Arthur (M55 - 59)
Super Weight - 6.70m   (5.51m)

Frances Steinfeld (W75 -79)
Super Weight - 5.44m   (5.23m)

Thanks to everyone for coming out and to those that organized and helped with record keeping.